Management structur

A strong team – Also at the top

Management body continues growth course

When the trading company COOP Switzerland and the Belgian Colruyt Group agreed on the establishment of the joint purchasing platform XSTAFF in October 2016, no one could have foreseen the success story behind this decision. In just under five years of our existence, we have managed to almost triple the volume of goods moved in the network and to exceed the magical limit of 100,000 TEU in 2021.
A performance that is mainly due to the continuous development and expansion of the network. In 2019, for example, the Spanish textile retailers Mango and Tendam succeeded in gaining two industry leaders as strategic partners and co-founders for XSTAFF. Together with the founding fathers COOP Switzerland and the Colruyt Group, they have since formed the management committee of XSTAFF – a step that is also due to the dynamic growth of the platform and the numerous new tasks resulting from it.
This is where strategies are set, goals and measures are defined, the decisions necessary for implementation are made and passed as binding resolutions, and important strategic decisions for the future are made. Under the leadership of this committee, led by the XSTAFF Management Board and with the help of members and network partners, we want to continue our expansion course in the future – with you at our side.