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Cross X Staff supports fight against Corona

Mouth Nose Mask

With the gradual easing of the corona measures, at least a little normalcy has returned to our everyday life. At the same time, all necessary measures continue to be taken to further contain the pandemic or to strengthen protection against a second wave of infections. We at Cross X Staff GmbH also make our contribution to these arrangements.

Solidarity in the common fight against the coronavirus pandemic is a central component of Cross X Staff corporate activities these days. We attach particular importance to the health of those who, despite the acute danger, continue to devote themselves to social tasks. However, they often lack the much-needed protective equipment at work. An enormous problem that we were able to curb at least a little with two large fundraisers. Just a few days ago, Cross X Staff spontaneously donated 4,000 mouth-to-nose masks to the children’s aid center in Düsseldorf, for which Bodo Knop, Chairman of the board, has been an ambassador for years. This will enable children, adolescents and educators in the child support center to better protect themselves from possible infections in the future. Even 20,000 masks were donated to the Düsseldorf fire brigade. The masks with the designation KN95 are comparable to commercially available FFP2 protective masks and therefore offer very good protection. The major donation will be picked over the next few days and then distributed to senior citizens’ homes, nursing homes and other needy places according to a distribution key from the health department.