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Moin, hello and welcome aboard in Hamburg, SynLOG!

Thank you to our long-standing partner SynLOG for allowing us to contribute to the content of the first 2024 Logistics Working Group meeting. For those who don't know SynLOG, it's the joint initiative of the ‘Herstellerverband Haus & Garten e.V.’ and the ‘Industrieverband Garten (IVG) e.V.’. SynLOG supports its members from the German construction and gardening industry in all matters relating to logistics.


XSTAFF restructures itself at the top

Company founder Bodo Knop has stepped down from the company's management as of October 1, 2023. On the sidelines of this year's BCO Conference in Antwerp, XSTAFF GmbH announced that Bodo Knop, Managing Partner and founder of the company, will step down from the management board for private reasons, effective October 1, 2023.


Bodo Knop

Logistics in Transition – BCO Conference 2023

BCO Conference 2023 Presents Solutions to Future Challenges - The world is changing, and so is the logistics and transportation industry. The opportunities and perspectives, as well as the risks arising from these changes, were the focus of this year's BCO Conference, held on September 26, 2023, in Antwerp, Belgium, at the invitation of XSTAFF GmbH.


XSTAFF strengthens management team

Effective January 16, 2023, Stephan Schiller will become the new managing director and partner of XSTAFF GmbH. The 52-year-old, most recently Managing Director of Hermes Europe GmbH and CEO of Hermes International, will in future lead the company's fortunes together with company founder Bodo Knop and Antonios Rigalos, Chief Growth Officer of XSTAFF.


Stephan Schiller

Fundraising gala with record result

After a two-year break due to corona, the fundraising gala "Gala of Hearts" of the Gerald Asamoah Foundation took place again on November 26, 2022. Of course, on board: the XSTAFF GmbH, which has been committed to this charity event as a main or premium sponsor since 2017.


XSTAFF opens location in Hamburg

XSTAFF GmbH will open a new location in Hamburg on January 1, 2023. In doing so, the logistics service provider is taking account of the continuous growth of recent years and at the same time sending a clear signal for the future.


BCO Conference 2022: Focus on the supply chain

The months-long, rapid rise in freight rates has for the time being come to an end - however problems in the global supply chains still remain. What can companies do to protect their supply chains and make them more resilient to external influences in the face of insufficient transport capacity, delayed or even cancelled sailings, and rising operating costs?


XSTAFF strengthens logistics network in Poland

Despite the Ukraine crisis, XSTAFF GmbH continues to focus on growth: With the conclusion of a corporation contract with the Polish logistics service provider PST OST SPED SP. Z O.O.in mid-March, the purchasing platform, which now already includes more than 40 internationally active companies from industry and trade, is expanding its global network and also setting an important strategic signal for the future.


Caring means Sharing

Crisis situations confirm and reinforce social differences. A realization that unfortunately proves true again in times of Corona. Financial means and organizational resources, which were previously invested in social projects for years, are no longer available or are used elsewhere. A development that usually affects the poorest countries and regions in the world.