Benefitting from the power of a global purchasing association without losing authority and independences is thus far an illusion, primarily for retailers in the highly competitive sea freight business. Not with XSTAFF, your network organization for beneficial cargo owners (BCO). As a competent, experienced partner for sea freight questions and trade matters, we make sure that you, as a little fish, also benefit from the protection of the school and successfully reach your goal on stormy seas.

A strong quadrumvirate

The strength of XSTAFF GmbH lies in the power of the group. This applies not only in external discussions and negotiations with shipping companies and other logistics partners, but also for the internal management and structure of the purchasing network.

Since the beginning of 2019, XSTAFF’s business has been driven by four strong partners: the Swiss COOP Group, the Belgian Colruyt Group, and the two Spanish fashion companies Mango and Tendam. While the COOP and Colruyt Groups – as founding members of the network – have been responsible for strategic decisions since the network’s establishment in October 2016, the two Spanish companies just joined the executive team as co-founders and strategic partners a few months ago. This step is partly owing to the platform’s dynamic growth and the numerous new tasks resulting from this growth.

Together, the multi-member executive committee is defining goals and measures, making and adopting decisions that are necessary for the realization of these goals, and setting important strategic targets for the future. The committee’s targets are carried out on the operational side of business by the Management Board, consisting of Bodo Knop (download vita as pdf) as Chairman of the Board of XSTAFF GmbH, Sergio Marmol (download vita as pdf), Managing Director of XSTAFF Logistics Procurement Iberia S.L and Sebastian Gastecki (download vita as pdf), Managing Director of XSTAFF Poland sp. z o.o.- Katowice, Poland and Executive Vice President Division AIRFREIGHT XSTAFF GmbH.

Your benefits at a glance


Better conditions

As the chief negotiator of a purchasing network, XSTAFF bundles contractually guaranteed conditions and, in direct contact with the vessel operating common carrier (VOCC), achieves better conditions than a commissioned carrier or haulage contractor. Since the transport volume usually decides the due prices, XSTAFF achieves considerable cost savings for its network partners.


Lower risk

As a purchasing network and direct provider, XSTAFF bears responsibility for the conditions utilized by all networking parties. By bundling tasks from one source and having a continuous flow of information, an optimal flow of goods is ensured, where unexpected disruptions are detected early and can be processed. This lowers the economic risk for the cargo owner considerably.


More services from a single source

Thanks to XSTAFF’s optimal order and supply chain management system, network partners receive all the services necessary for order processing from one source. This complete offer makes the company a valuable partner for trade companies and purchasing associations, but also for shipping companies and participating service providers.

Customers statements

“By joining the BCO network of CROSS X STAFF on March 14, 2018, MANGO has taken another important step toward a successful future. The innovative bundling concept with its reliable framework conditions provides us not only with planning reliability and costing certainty but, being part of a strong network, we will also be able to negotiate better financial terms in the future. We are therefore glad that we have found a competent and experienced partner with CROSS X STAFF, who will accompany us on our further journey.”

Paco Fernandez

Transport Director, Mango - Spain

“Naturally, we are closely observing all current developments in container shipping and see the risk of the general financial conditions getting even worse in the future. In order to prevent this, we are focussing on new and future-oriented strategies, but most of all on competent and reliable partners that support us on a regular basis throughout the year.

With Bodo Knop we have won over a experienced industry expert whose consolidation concept completely convinced. I am convinced that this collaboration will help us to overcome the challenges of the future.”

Andre Ceron

Director Supply Chain, Colruyt Group

“XSTAFF is headed by Bodo Knop, the company’s founder and a personality who not only has extensive market and industry knowledge and an excellent network of contacts but is also more familiar with COOP’s specific requirements than anyone else thanks to his successful and longstanding collaboration with us. This extensive know-how, coupled with XSTAFF’s proven consultancy expertise in all areas related to logistics, makes the young company the ideal partner for us in the current climate. It ensures that our products and goods are transported sustainably, reliably and on the best possible terms from the Asian suppliers to the European distribution centres.”

Beat Hirschi

Head of Transport, COOP

Associations are based on the principle of cooperation. “SynLOG” – the voluntary, associated logistics initiative of the suppliers of DIY stores and garden centers – stands under the heading “bundling benefits – taking advantage of opportunities”. In an increasingly challenging market environment for container freight, we see strong alliances among shippers as the strategic answer for the future. Bundled volumes mean more reliability in supply. The cooperative collaboration of shippers from trade and industry needs a qualified and experienced service provider with a focus on operational bundling. With XSTAFF and Bodo Knop we have found the right partner to seize the advantages of a large BCO network for the benefit of all shippers.

Norbert Lindemann

Vice General Manager, Manufacturers’ Association House & Garden e.V., Carrier Association SynLOG

The XSTAFF Code of Conduct

Ethical Obligation

XSTAFF strives for sustainable development of our business. We satisfy the various interests of our customers and business partners through fair, moral, and honest conduct. We adhere to the legal regulations applicable to our business activity in every region and country. We know that laws and ethical standards in countries in which we work can differ due to national circumstances. 

Human rights

XSTAFF is guided by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We respect the foundations of the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work passed in 1998, in accordance with national laws and conventions. We respect human rights within our sphere of influence, and expressly commit to the abolishment of all forms of forced and child labor.

Our Business Principles

To achieve the highest quality standards, we work constantly to improve our structures and procedures. This applies for our products, our services, and our management. 

Customer satisfaction

The focus of our business processes, projects, and activities is always the customer. We know that we are judged by our ethical, business, and ecological conduct as well as the quality of our services, and therefore strive for excellent performance in these areas.


We are committed to open interaction with our customers, personnel, suppliers, business partners, and other organizations and institutions. We also keep transparency and honesty the priorities in our internal communication.

 Dialogue with business partners

We are committed to dialogue and partnership with our business partners all over the world. We share the basic principles for ethical conduct, societal engagement, and environmentally compatible behavior with our suppliers, subcontractors, and representatives. We convey our guiding principles to our network partners and encourage them to base their conduct on these same standards.

Standards for Cooperation
Money laundering

XSTAFF expects that its partners and employees will adhere strictly to all laws and regulations on combatting money laundering; also included therein are those conditions and provisions according to which currency transactions with blocked persons must be reported.

Commercial provisions

We are convinced that free trade contributes to wealth and prosperity in the world, and therefore always strive to observe applicable laws, including sanctions and embargoes.

Data protection

Our partners and employees may not disclose information, insofar as it is not already known to the public, for their personal gain or for the benefit of third parties. This includes technical, financial, and operating data, customer information, file notes, and other information related to our business and its operational activities and future plans. Personal data on natural and legal persons may only be gathered, processed, and used in accordance with the respective regulations.

Corporate responsibility

Our corporate responsibility is an expression of our will to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Ultimately, our conduct affects the world in which we live. Our responsibility is reflected in our orientation to fundamental charters and initiatives, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Integrity in Practice
Standards for billing and reporting

The confidential treatment of security and personnel data, as well as invoicing and financial data, is of special importance to us. All business processes must be accounted for in accordance with established procedures and auditing standards, and generally recognized accounting principles. The records comprise all necessary information on the respective transactions.

Conflicts of interest

We expect ethically impeccable conduct from our personnel and partners in dealing with conflicts of interest. They should therefore inform us of relationships with individuals or companies with whom XSTAFF does business and that could lead to conflicts of interest – such as partnerships, business partnerships, or investments.

Fair competition

We operate our business exclusively according to the principles of free enterprise and on the basis of free, unimpeded competition. We only employ suppliers, staff, or other intermediaries after thorough appraisal. We are legally obligated to make business decisions in the best interest of the company, and independent of agreements or accords with competitors. XSTAFF will therefore refrain from any conduct that violates antitrust laws. 

Bribery and corruption

We maintain absolute transparency in dealing with customers, suppliers, and authorities, and conform to international anti-corruption standards as they’re recorded in the UN Global Compact, for example, as well as applicable anti-corruption and bribery laws.

Gifts and perks

Gifts and other perks are permitted if they are in line with normal business practice and ethically unobjectionable. None of our employees may claim gifts or other personal perks from customers, suppliers, or other business partners.

Reporting a violation

If you should learn of a potential violation of this Code of Conduct, you can contact our employees at any time. Your message will be treated as confidential. In the interest of efficient processing, however, we ask that you give your name when reporting a potential violation. If this isn’t possible for you, we will also accept anonymous reports.

Measures, exceptions, and amendments

In case of violations to this Code of Conduct, XSTAFF will actively take appropriate measures for proper rectification. In doing so, we will first attempt to settle the matter by explaining the importance of our Code of Conduct to the concerned partners or employees, encouraging them to change their behavior. However, it is also possible that labor law or disciplinary law-related measures will be carried out within the applicable regulations in the event of violations against the Code of Conduct.

Exceptions to adhering to the Code of Conduct will not be permitted without a compelling reason.