The organization:

Strength through cohesion

XSTAFF – The succesful Cooperative

A strong member base and lean structures offer first-class conditions for successful action

When the trading companies COOP Switzerland and the Belgian Colruyt Group commissioned Bodo Knop to find a joint purchasing platform in October 2016, nobody could have imagined the success story that this decision would lead to. In the almost seven years of its existence, XSTAFF GmbH has succeeded in almost tripling the volume of goods and merchandise moved in the network and exceeding the magic 100,000 TEU mark for the first time in 2021.

So, what is the secret of XSTAFF GmbH? On the one hand, it is the strength and unity of the cooperative, in which every member, regardless of their economic size and strength, enjoys the same rights and obligations. In the meantime, almost 50 companies from industry and trade have come together in the association and, as members with equal rights, use the outstanding opportunities of the network.

In addition, XSTAFF can do more than other purchasing associations. Thanks to various joint venture locations in Asia and Europe and with the help of over 50 network partners worldwide, we can offer our members high-quality logistics services that include almost all modes of transport and transport connections. This includes sea freight as well as rail, truck and, more recently, aircraft. Cooperatives also need leadership.

The association’s fortunes are controlled by the Advisory Board, which consists of the XSTAFF founders and co-founders. This is where the strategic course for the future is set, goals and measures are defined, and the decisions required for implementation are made and adopted as binding resolutions. Its specifications in the operative business are carried out by the Management Board, consisting of Antonios Rigalos (Download Vita as PDF) Managing Partner XSTAFF GmbH, Stephan Schiller (Download Vita as PDF), Managing Partner XSTAFF GmbH, and Sebastian Gastecki (Download Vita as PDF), Managing Director of XSTAFF Poland sp. z o.o.- Katowice, Poland as well as Product Manager Air at XSTAFF GmbH.

At a glance


October 2016


Antonios Rigalos (Managing Partner)
Stephan Schiller (Managing Partner)

Company headquarters:

Düsseldorf (Germany)


Düsseldorf (Germany), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Hong Kong, etc.

Network service provider:

über 50 Unternehmen in Europa und Asien 

Network members:

COOP Switzerland, Colruyt Group, UNISTAFF, Herstellerverband Haus & Garten e.V. a.o.