an offer for everyone

At XSTAFF, everyone has the same rights – but also the same obligations

The good news first: XSTAFF is open for everyone. Regardless of its economic size, the respective branch or affiliation to trade or industry, the purchasing network is basically open to any trading company that would like to bring itself and its goods into the cooperative.

As a direct service provider, we are responsible for the conditions used by network members. By concentrating the tasks in one hand and a continuous flow of information, an optimal flow of goods is ensured, in which unexpected faults can be recognized and dealt with at an early stage. This significantly reduces the economic risk for freight owners.

All network members who conclude a long-term contract undertake to bring a previously agreed transport volume into the network for a fixed management fee per twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU). The amount is staggered and linked to the respective contract period. The contract partner pays the fee.

Finally, unfortunately, some bad news: XSTAFF is approaching the maximum membership limit it has set itself in giant steps. We do not want to and will not exceed these with a view to maintaining our high quality and service standards. If your company also wants to become part of the XSTAFF community, contact us soon. We are looking forward to your call.

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Your benefits at a glance



Better conditions

As the chief negotiator of a purchasing network, XSTAFF bundles contractually guaranteed conditions and, in direct contact with the vessel operating common carrier (VOCC), achieves better conditions than a commissioned carrier or haulage contractor. Since the transport volume usually decides the due prices, XSTAFF achieves considerable cost savings for its network partners.

Lower risk

As a purchasing network and direct provider, XSTAFF bears responsibility for the conditions utilized by all networking parties. By bundling tasks from one source and having a continuous flow of information, an optimal flow of goods is ensured, where unexpected disruptions are detected early and can be processed. This lowers the economic risk for the cargo owner considerably.

More services from a single source

Thanks to XSTAFF’s optimal order and supply chain management system, network partners receive all the services necessary for order processing from one source. This complete offer makes the company a valuable partner for trade companies and purchasing associations, but also for shipping companies and participating service providers.