XSTAFF BCO Conference

BCO Conference: See you in Antwerp 2023!

How can companies today make their supply chain even more secure and resistant to external influences? Almost 100 participants came to the BCO Conference 2022 in Barcelona on September 27, 2022, to find answers to this and other highly topical questions in the Spanish metropolis and to jointly search for ways out of the current difficult situation on the basis of innovative concepts and solutions. In addition to highly interesting and substantive presentations and a prominent panel discussion with international experts from Europe and Asia, the focus at the World Trade Center Barcelona was above all on open dialog and exchange among the participants, who concluded the day with a harbor tour and a joint network dinner.

For Antonios Rigalos, Chief Growth Officer and member of the management board of XSTAFF GmbH, the end of a successful event: “The BCO Conference 2022 has impressively proven how important, in addition to information, personal conversation and the joint discussion of content and values are. Here we have made another important step forward as a cooperative in Barcelona. All the more reason for us to look forward to the reunion in Antwerp in September 2023.”

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