XSTAFF offers it network members a complete and high-quality service portfolio, from procurement support and consultation on distribution logistics, all the way up to customs processing and reverse logistics. Whether as a modular, individual service or a custom, complete solution, we make sure that your goods and commodities reach their destination reliably and punctually. Thanks to open communication and ongoing information, you always know where your cargo is currently located, and thus can react to any disruptions quickly and flexibly.

Sourcing Support

The procurement of resources to ensure productivity is a central task for every company. Making sure these procedures can be designed to be as effective and efficient as possible needs comprehensive market and industry skills. As long-term experts both in trade matters and handling logistical processes, we are happy to provide you with our expertise. Need help generating tenders, evaluating offers, or filing a contract award recommendation? Ask the experts at XSTAFF. We’ll find the best solution for you.

Quality Management

Optimized processes in logistics lead to more efficiency and a higher quality of service. With a state of the art, IT-supported quality management, XSTAFF and its partner companies illuminate all processes in the supply chain and remedy any problems or conflicts quickly and completely. This requires not just the consideration of international quality standards like the ISO 9001 or the selection of certified network partners for quality assurance measures, but also random extractions and inspections in production and shipping.

Special Logistics Solutions

Planning to ship goods with unusual dimensions? Or a special transport for explosive items? Not a problem for the experts at XSTAFF. We can find our customers a solution for nearly every logistical challenge along the supply chain. We’ll develop the perfect supply chain for you and, as part of a careful selection process, identify the contractors that will perform the assigned task with high professionalism and engagement. You can learn about the status of your order any time via modern IT systems. Benefit from the experience and flexibility of XSTAFF. We’ll find a solution.

Supply Chain Event Management

In spite of long transport routes, goods often need to be brought to their destination in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s because every day counts, and perfectly scheduled logistics are indispensable. In these cases, you are in the best of hands with XSTAFF. With the custom, best possible combination of various transport carriers, we plan the ideal supply chain for your order. Our international network takes care of the rest with committed partners onsite and smart IT solutions that facilitate the optimum use of available capacities. That way, the on-time delivery of your goods at optimal conditions becomes a reality.

Customs Clearance

To make sure the global exchange of goods can run smoothly and quickly, professional customs processing is essential. XSTAFF and our commissioned partners know exactly what the individual customs regulations are in the respective countries, and are happy to help in word and deed with questions on shipping processes across national borders. That way, you’re always up to date on local regulations, and can ensure long-term compliance with legal statutes in customs law issues.

Distribution Logistics

The requirements for distribution logistics of international commercial enterprises have risen dramatically. Goods and commodities need to be launched and brought to the end consumer even more quickly – with as low costs as possible, but with rising quality standards. XSTAFF offers you the opportunity to execute your transports worldwide efficiently and effectively. As commercial cargo owners, our consultants use smart combinations of suitable transport carriers to design the optimal flow of goods for you. Carefully selected and committed contractors implement all customized solutions for supply chain management so that you achieve the best possible results for your company.

Reverse Logistics

Whether discontinued items, excess stock, or swap stocks – instead of warehousing hard-to-sell items and writing them off as a financial loss, you can hand them in to secondary sellers, thus ensuring the value of your investment. The experts at XSTAFF will develop intelligent concepts for cost- and time-intensive returns processing with profitable sales for your stock, which will be implemented in close collaboration with our network partners. That way you can not only optimize your material flows, but also close the value chain in a sustainable way – no sitting on leftover stock guaranteed!