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XSTAFF does not let up

Ein starkes Team: die Frauen des Düsseldorfer HC feierten ihren Triumph gemeinsam mit Bodo Knop (oben, 4 v.r.) ausgelassen.

Purchasing association also committed to children with heart disease in 2022

Since 2017, XSTAFF GmbH has been one of the main sponsors of the Gerald Asamoah Foundation’s annual “Gala of Hearts,” the proceeds of which benefit children with heart disease around the world. As was the case in 2021, this year’s benefit gala will once again fall victim to the restrictions of the Corona lockdown. For us, this is no reason to slacken our commitment. To enable the foundation to continue its outstanding work of recent years, XSTAFF is donating 10,000 euros.

Financial means that go directly and immediately to needy children and young people on site. In 2020, for example, the donations collected were invested in a mobile operating theater in Ghana, where vital heart operations are performed. For Bodo Knop, Chairman of XSTAFF GmbH, this is a great project that should be followed by as many charitable activities as possible. For the 44-year-old, the continuation of financial support is a matter of course, even in Corona times: “Of course, the current crisis with its economic and social consequences affects every one of us. However, it often has catastrophic effects, especially for children and young people with heart disease, who are often dependent on medical assistance from birth. That is why we continue to support the Foundation in these difficult times. Only if we continue to stand together as a community of solidarity will these people have any chance at all of surviving the crisis unscathed.”